Shiv Sena Sticks to 50-50 Plan for Maha Assembly

Ever since Shiv Sena in the recently held elections in the state fared well with a decent tally, they seems to have come in a bargain level. They are leaving no stone unturned to put pressure on the BJP to follow their 50-50 formula and it seems they are not ready to compromise on any other thing. Pratap Sarnaik the senior leader of the Shiv Sena had a meeting with the SS MLAs in the presence of Uddhay Thackeray the chief of the party claimed the same.

While talking about the same, he said it was Amit Shah the party president of the BJP who has given this formula of 50-50 to the party before the LS elections in Mumbai when he was there to the state capital to meet influences along with the NDA allies. With this formula, the Shiv Sena wants its Chief Minister for 2.5 years and the other half would go to the BJP. Unfortunately the sitting CM from our City and others from the BJP seems to be annoyed on this proposition.

They are not willing to give up the original setup they had earlier. As the Sena is hell bent on this formula the party leader said until and unless they get things in writing from the BJP to the Party Chief Uddhay, they will not sit on it. As per the recent buzz, both the parties are likely to meet the governor today in Mumbai separately presenting their claims before the State supremo. Well, with passage of time, the fight for the throne seems getting tough and interesting, lets see how things would move.

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