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Spitting at public place leads Job Suspension for 12 NMC employees

As the city gears up tough for Swacch Bharat Mission, the NMC officials are leaving no stone unturned to keep things right and straight to maintain the cleanliness in the city. The civic body in the city is implementing the initiative with all their body and soul to make sure that cleanliness in Nagpur is maintained and retained for long. As per the latest, the NMC Commissioner has suspended 12 of its officials as they were caught by its nuisance detection squad for going callous on Spitting at public places.

They were earlier asked to pay a heavy fine but later when the reports reached the NMC chief, he took some tough decisions by expelling the employees from their jobs. Interestingly, this has been the solo incident where the officials were suspended on this issue and their negligence in carrying out this heinous thing in the city. The team has been on a constant survey in the areas of the concerned officers from 11th September to 9th October and they had to take that strict decision.

There were more than 15 cases that were reported by the squad to the NMC chief which recommended the fine of 3000 Rs and more than 90 cases for public places of urinals in the city. Considering the negligence of the officers, the NMC chief was quick to pass the order of their suspension. He has been time and again repeating the same diktat to keep their working areas clean along with the public utility places falling in their areas. However, with the negligence, the officers now have to lose their jobs.

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