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125 New Cases of COVID 19 in Nagpur taking the tally 2662

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It’s a bad time for Nagpur, since we see the cases getting bad to worse for COVID 19. As per the latest buzz, the city has got not less than 125 cases yesterday as fresh or new cases in Nagpur. As per the Hitavada Cityline news, the people getting affected were 125 taking the tally to a higher level. The cumulative figures for the people affected the most include 2,662, while the people losing their lives have reached 26. In the meantime, we also see 79 people getting the discharge. 

The total number of recovered cases has reached to 1390. Of late, we could see a maximum number of samples of 33 people being tested positive via Rapid Antigen Test on the other side, we see 21 samples being tested positive who were examined at the molecular diagnostic laboratory at the AIIMS Lab, while at the virology laboratory of Mayo Hospital 18 were tested positive. Similarly, at the NEERI’s diagnostic laboratory 15 people were tested positive for the virus. In the private laboratories, 6 samples tested positive at the labs at NagpurVeterinary College and others. 

On the other side, the grim situation seems to be adding up in the city as the number of deaths due to the virus is seen increasing. The intensity of COVID 19 seems to be high and people dying with the virus now have gone up to 26. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. In the meantime if you have anything to share, you can certainly comment below and let us know more on it.

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