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Internet is Loving Nagpur Police’s Tweet on ISRO’s Vikram Lander

As Nagpur Police is seen tweeting on ISRO’s Vikram Lander saying please respond we will not charge any challan, the internet simply broke up applauding the cops posting the message on the Microblogging site – Twitter. The official handle of the Nagpur City Police seemed to post this sweet message that asked to respond as the police will not issue any challan seemed to have attracted hordes of the user on Twitter.

This Tweet was done just when the news of Vikram not responding just before 2.1 km away from the Moon’s surface. The tweet came out informing that the police tried to contact lander Vikram but it did not respond and hence they issued the message with humor to respond and in return, they will not charge any challan. So, the tweet with the hilarious remark over the newly added challan rates of the Motor Vehicles Act, it gave a hug response on the web.

Many liked the tweet and responded saying that this has been the exceptional tweet to be shared by the Nagpur Police. Someone said he is ready to pay the Challan on behalf of Vikram provided the lander responds to the call of the police. The other tweet said Vikram you cannot just break the heart for not responding to the call of 133 crores people this Saturday. The officials, on the other hand, are trying to contact with Vikram but it seems not responding the same. Amidst all this hue and cry, the tweet like this from Nagpur Police has come as a ray of hope for many.

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