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Tiger in Mihan Spotted again – Forest dept to chalk a strategy

Just when the footprint of Tiger was witnessed inside the campus of Mihan, the big cat’s presence was felt once again in the area. The animal was seen close to the MNC office and Airport on the outskirts of the city, which seemed to be the second consecutive day. The news has gone viral in the Mihan area thus creating panic kind of situation in and around Mihan. The security guards who often remain for day and night duty along with the locals are in a state of panic.

It was Raju Govai who has been reported the incident the first to the concerned department. He is a tiger lover and hence can easily make out from their footprints in the area to make the presence of the same. He was returning with two labors in the camp when he saw the tiger between the roads between the MNC companies like TCS and Infosys. He then alarmed the security guards on duty. He said that he along with the other two labors too were in a state of shock to see them in the said area.

The next morning the said man searched for evidence to submit the report to the concerned department. He found enough for the two. However, as we see the tiger again cited in the area, the forest department is likely to chalk out a proper strategy to keep the animal away from the premises. The second time the tiger was seen at 8.45 pm. As per reports, the department is likely to install 18 cameras to spot the animal and the team from Special Tiger Protection Force would take care of the animal soon taking it away to the dense forest.

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