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Tiger Spotted in Gorewada leading the areas in vicinity on High Alert – Its Rumor

Tiger Fake News
Tiger Fake News

The news published was not from some local sources (via social media), unfortunately, we did not check the veracity of the news and it has appeared to be Fake. We sincerely apologize for publishing the unverified content.

Deleted the content – Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Please Refer to Actual News:

The news that broke out on social media about a tiger spotted outside the Gorewada Zoo proved out to be fake as the officials of the Forest Department came out refuting and confirmed saying that it is not a tiger or leopard which has come from Gorewada area. Thus the news covered earlier by us was carried out on the local sources without carrying out the proper verification. 

Hence the news covered earlier has no authenticity and we have already issued an apology on this and still retain the same words. The news appeared on Whatsapp and was shared by people claiming that it is from Gorewada Zoo. Thus people getting the same are rumors and thus the people around the areas are not supposed to remain in a panic state. 

It is unfortunate that we could not verify before publishing the news and fall in the prey of fake news received in the form of forwards. In the current situation of lockdown, it is our duty to avoid spreading fake news. Stay tuned to know more about other news only with us. Till then if you have anything to share, you can comment below. 

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