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Unfit Water Being Drunk by Laxmi Nagar Residents in Nagpur!

Laxmi Nagar and Dharampeth are amongst the “so-good” localities of Nagpur. The sad part is that the water is unfit and unhealthy for the humans residing there. Few samples were taken from ten zones of the Nagpur city. All the samples from these two localities were sadly reported unfit.

Nearly 381 water samples were collected by the Water Works Department (WWD) of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation from various zones of the Nagpur City in December last year. The percentage of water samples fit for drinking from amongst these 381 samples was 92% which came as a little relief to all. It was done to test the water in metro cities last year to exercise against water testing by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). Water Works Department did the job of testing. The tests were carried out with the support of Regional Public Health Laboratory along with Government Medical College and Hospital.

A total of 381 water sampling points were selected from the ten zones of the entire Nagpur City by the Water Works Department, at the initial stage. Next, the Water samples were collected from five sources of water by the team, covering about 184 slum areas and a total of 64 elevated reservoir storage outlets. The localities for water samples also included 128 areas (which are not slums) and maintained the standard operating procedures. The water samples were tested based on 19 parameters by the Regional Public Health Laboratory. Some of these parameters were turbidity, odor, hardness of water and fluoride content in the water. Except 31 samples, rest all 350 samples were found satisfactory. A major part of these 31 samples was from Dharampeth and Laxmi Nagar and found unfit for human consumption.

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