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Vidarbha reported 16 new covid cases

Vidarbha registers 16 new covid cases. Which had grown in double digits for the 4th consecutive day.

Nagpur: No new covid cases was reported in Gondia district for almost 3 weeks. In this, 1 covid case was seen on Saturday. And this patient is a resident of the town of Gondia.

vidarbha covid cases

Vidarbha registers 16 new covid cases. Which had grown in double digits for the 4th consecutive day. Vidarbha did not report the death. There were 11 recoveries on Saturday. Which is the highest in the last 4 days.

The current caseload of the region stands at 11,20,259. Which includes 21,377 deaths and 10,98,740 recoveries. The recovery rate is a little over 98% and the mortality rate is as high as 1.9%.

In total, up to 7,061 tests for covid were done in the last 24 hours. And the test positivity rate is less than 0.2%. Which is also a good indicator for this sector.

About 109 covid patients are currently undergoing treatment in 11 districts of Vidarbha. This number has crossed the 100 mark for the first time in the last 6 days. This means that the number of new covid cases has increased. While the number of correct ones is still small. The jump in the cases of covid is also very less.

Gondia district has lost its 0 covid status. There are no active covid cases in washim and bhandara. Barring Nagpur district (33) in all other districts, about 20 less than 20 covid patients are under treatment.

Bhandara: There were 204 tests of covid in this district and all have been found negative.

Gondia: Out of 127 tests in this district, 1 turned out to be positive. Taking the caseload in the district to around 41,226. Out of which about 40,517 recoveries are included.

Gadchiroli: Around 597 tests were conducted in this district. And one test got positive. 1 patient has been cured. At present, 3 covid patients are undergoing treatment.

Washim: No new covid case has come to the fore in this district. 1 patient is not undergoing treatment.

Akola: 331 tests conducted in the district have all been found negative. With no patient recovering in the district, the number of patients under treatment remains unchanged at 11.

Buldhana: In this district, 1 out of 194 tests came out as covid positive. The caseload has reached around 87,624. Out of which 674 deaths and 86,943 cured are included. 7 covid patients treatment is going on.

Wardha: Out of about 312 reports in this district, 3 people have tested positive. And on Saturday, 3 patients were discharged. The district’s caseload has gone up to 49,416 and the district’s recovery to 48,080. Because of this, 6 covid patients are still being treated. No one died in the district and the district’s toll remained unchanged at 1,326.

Yavatmal: No one has died in the district. But on Saturday, 4 new covid patients were found. Due to which the toll has remained unchanged at 1,787. Treatment of 9 covid patients is still going on. So far, out of 72,921 covid patients in the district, 71,125 have been cured including 1 on Saturday. 2,170 beds are available for coronavirus patients.

Chandrapur: The number of active covid cases in this district has remained stable at 18 with 1 being detected and 1 recovering on Saturday. No person had died. The caseload has risen to 88,832 and recoveries to 87,272 and the district’s toll is 1,543.

Amravati: No one died on Saturday. Nor has any covid positive case come out.

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