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Western Nagpur Residents demand Road work to complete before monsoon

Nagpur demand Road
Nagpur demand Road

The lockdown has affected everything. The roads in the city which were on progress in different areas in the city for things like road accidents seemed stranded in Nagpur. As per reports, the western areas like Bharat Nagar have been facing issues in road work, which have been on hold for long. These have remained incomplete due to lockdown. As per reports, the vehicular traffic were seen disrupted for the last six months in these areas owing to the incomplete cement road work. 

The lockdown is primarily responsible for the delay in constructing the roads in the area. As per reports, around half a KM of road has remained when the lockdown was announced due to the COVID 19. As summers are coming to an end, we see the local residents facing issues. People are concerned about the rainwater that may enter their home during heavy rainfall. Hence they are demanding to complete the work first.

With barely a month remaining, we see issues in the areas due to the rainfall owing the height of the cement roads. If things do not complete by the end of this month, it is likely to create problems during the months of monsoon when the work is stranded. This is the reason why the local residents now want to complete the work as soon as possible. Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us.

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