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Youth Congress votes for Maha ‘heir apparent’

Srinivas BV has said that from Maharashtra, there are 3 candidates who have been nominated as 'Representatives' for the post of President of the State.

Nagpur: IYC (Indian Youth Congress) National President Srinivas BV has said that the interview for the selection of Maharashtra unit chief will be held in Delhi within a week. Kunal, the son of Energy Minister Nitin Raut, has got the maximum number of votes. But as per the Indian Youth Congress norms, they still have to give a face-to-face interview at the organization’s headquarters.

youth congress votes

Srinivas BV has said that from Maharashtra, there are 3 candidates who have been nominated as ‘Representatives’ for the post of President of the State. All three will be called to Delhi in several days and interviews will also be conducted on various aspects. The interview team will also include he, Krishna Allavaru (joint secretary of Congress) and others.

Also the three delegates are basically the top 3 in the number of votes secured. Kunal at the pole position (5.48 lakh votes), Sharan Patil (2.46), and Shivraj More (3.8 lakh votes) are technically in contention for the Maharashtra Youth Congress (MYC). Srinivas BV has also said that the number of votes is one of the factors that he pays a lot of attention to.

Whereas the results were declared on Monday evening. And the victory celebrations have also started on Tuesday with roadshows and get-togethers for all.

Kunal, who is believed to be certain of securing the position due to his huge vote margin, has said that, He is very thankful to those who have shown so much faith in him. Their aim is only to serve the party and also to strengthen it according to the vision of their leaders.

If Kunal secures the seat, then he will also replace Satyajit Tambe as maharashtra youth congress president.

Grassroots Democracy Works

Even once the President is elected by the Indian Youth Congress, the remaining two representatives are appointed as Vice Presidents of the State Unit.

Even though many of the elected people are family members of well-known politicians, Srinivas BV also said that this is an aberration. Very rarely, perhaps around 2% of the total are elected in either election.

The politician also says that as the Maharashtra unit of Youth Congress is preparing to take over a completely new body, This process has been the ‘rejuvenation’ for the party.

Bunty Shelke, member of the national body of Indian Youth Congress and in-charge of Punjab, has said that, Whenever elections are held, then there is a sense of participation, belongingness among the youth. And that’s how grassroots democracy works. What they are doing here is fully preparing the next generation for the Congress leadership.

The age of the candidates should be between 27-35 years to contest the election for the post of state president.

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