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15 People Stuck in Empress Mall lift for 30 minutes

Empress Mall Nagpur
Empress Mall Nagpur

In a sad state of affair, around 15 odd people were struck in Empress Mall lift for more than half an hour and there was no one to hear their call. The people included a woman, her kids, salesman and few others who were struck in the late evening when the lift failed working and there was no help from the mall admin. We all know the pathetic condition of Empress mall which is made in a huge area but remains improperly maintained.

The lifts do not work and similar is the story with the escalators. When people stuck in the mall came out after half an hour, they were quick to share their ordeal to the NMC Commissioner alleging that they kept on screaming and calling the mall admin for help but nobody turned up to help the struck people. This incident took place around 10.30 pm when people after watching the 7.30 pm movie show in the multiplex -PVR took the lift to the parking area.

As per the people, when they pressed G to go on the ground floor, the lift malfunctioned and they remained stranded in between getting locked without allowing anyone to come out. It took half and hour for the people to come out from the lift who came in two batches. Ironically, there was no emergency number inside the lift and no certificate to run the lift was seen pasted in it. The admin of the Empress mall blamed the people for getting overloaded that made the lift go malfunction.

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