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Robbery takes place in daylight in Ajni area

In yet another incident, a house was robbed in daylight in Bajrang Nagar, Ajni. The burglary that took place at a house in Bajrang Nagar in Ajni, left the victim empty handed. The total amount of the cash and gold ornaments amounted to Rs 3.77 lakh. The incident took place on Thursday when the owner of the house was out.

The victim resides at Plot No. 36, Bajrang Nagar, Ajni and the identity has not yet been revealed. According to the information obtained, the victim locked his house on Thursday and left for his friend’s home in Mandwada. He left at around 12:30 pm on Thursday. The robber entered the house between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. The unidentified robber burgled the house which had cash of Rs 2.55 lakh and gold ornaments amounting to Rs 82,000. The gold ornaments were kept in a wooden cupboard.

To his utter surprise, when the owner of the house returned from his friend’s home, he found that all the cash and gold ornaments were missing from his home. On realizing that his house has been burgled, he approached the Ajni Police. Raut is the Assistant PSI of Ajni Police. He has registeded the case of burglary under Section 454 and Section 380 of the Indian Penal Code.

The police is searching for the burglar who is on a run. Further investigation regarding the case are on and any discovery in regard to the case will be made official after the confirmation by the Ajni Police, as reported.

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