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An average of 1,500 Covid cases per day were reported in Nagpur district in last 30 days

Out of 44,987 patients exposed to Covid during this period, more than 27,649 are undergoing treatment. It is around 61 percent.

Nagpur: Since the date of December 24, around 45,000 coronavirus cases have been registered in the district, When after a gap of about six months, covid again started spreading rapidly. These average 1,500 cases per day.

covid cases reported

Out of 44,987 patients exposed to Covid during this period, more than 27,649 are undergoing treatment. It is around 61 percent.

Overall less than 1,500 cases were registered in this district between the month of July last year and the date of December 24, However, more than 2,000 tests were being conducted daily. Now daily testing has increased to 10,000.

The 4,763 cases to date as of January 21 represent the highest single-day spike yet in the third wave.

The Covid cases reported in the month of January are already the fifth-highest for any month in the pandemic, after March, April and May 2021, and September 2020. There have been 55 deaths due to covid in this month so far. The highest number of cases in a month – around 1.88 lakh – were recorded during the second wave of Covid in April.

The highest monthly cases of the first wave of covid were 48,457, Which were registered in September 2020. With seven more days, the month of January is likely to end with more cases than the peak month of the first wave. In August 2020, 24,163 cases were found.

Between July and December 24 last year, the daily cases averaged below 10. In the middle of the third wave, more than 2.35 lakh tests have been done. Test positivity rate has also increased to 19.16%. Which was earlier less than 1 percent.

New covid cases include multiple successful infections and re-infections. The frontline and health workers have first to bear the brunt of the attack of coronavirus. However, he also started receiving booster doses. And some of them have tested positive even after getting the booster shot. The coronavirus infection among healthcare workers in private and government hospitals has adversely affected their functioning.

Fortunately, the load in the wards of coronavirus did not increase as much as it was during the first and second wave. With more than 27,000 active cases at present, around 3% are admitted to Covid wards, But there are also cases of incidental findings.

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