Charting a Success Story for Herself as an Exceptional Business Coach, Ash Straughn

The Kash Code, Inc, Ash’s business coaching company, has generated extraordinary success stories.
Very few people have become an inspiration to others in the world through their journey. These people have not just stayed strong in the face of adversity, but have given a punch back and risen to the top with their powerful vision to attain their desired success. Ash Straughn is a name in the entrepreneurial world of the US today that has given it all to make a unique splash in the business world. She also helps other entrepreneurs achieve success with her work in business coaching. Ash is an influential entrepreneur who began purchasing and reselling things online as a teenager and grew into running her own businesses. She was nicknamed “Kash” by a business partner who donned the name based on the amount of revenue that Ash generated for their business.

As an entrepreneur, she started a business coaching company called The Kash Code, Inc. With her proven methods and strategies, she has scaled multiple businesses posting millions of dollars in revenue. If you are thinking that she is only excelling as an entrepreneur, wait for more. She is also a 2x best-selling author with books like ‘From Business Idea to Business Sales in 15 days’ and ‘Social Media Algorithms – The Secrets They Won’t Tell You.’ Ash has proved her expertise as a business coach and industry expert consistently.

Her company, The Kash Code, Inc, has helped provide the right guidance and coaching to people and helped them attain strong leadership skills. Through her Mastermind curriculum, entrepreneurs gain access to weekly group coaching sessions, a copy of her best-selling e-book, many industry secrets, weekly one on one impact coaching and accountability sessions, and a private creators messaging group.

Ash is also the founder of Travel Fund Kids, which helps create continuous funding for schools. She is also an influential content creator on Instagram and YouTube with her brand name, The Kash Code, Inc. She found inspiration from the many moguls of the industry, and her goal is to create as many success stories as possible.

Find out more on Instagram @thekashcode and on her coaching website,

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