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City Police Conducted Midnight Everton for Woman’s Safety in Nagpur

The Nagpur Police has been going tough when it comes to woman’s safety. Considering this issue, the City Police seemed to have carried out the midnight Evethon’ in Nagpur. This was done with the idea of creating a sense of security among the women officers and their employees. In the view of the issue of women’s safety and security, the city police now have walked out on the roads during the late hours.

This has happened last night on Friday when a bunch of police officers with their group seemed to move around under the new initiative called ‘Home Drop’ scheme of city police, which has now gained a good response and popularity across the country. Even the other states too have expressed their interest and willingness to execute this scheme as well.

As per reports, the Midnight Evethon comprises of 10 to 10 km races and seen cycling around the 5 km walk. The event was seen commenced from the Police Gymkhana at the Civil LInes area. Talking about the same, we have seen Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Ravindra Kadam too has joined the group along with Additional commissioner BG Gaikar too was present who kicked off this program for the ladies in city. This event was carried out for the stipulated time frame and ended on its return to Gymkhana. This is really a praiseworthy task of the Nagpur Police and has to be applauded by the local people. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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