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City Tops in Thefts and Deaths on Rail Tracks

In the recent crime sheet of Nagpur city, it has been found out that our city has topped in terms of having a maximum number of thefts and death tolls when compared to others. Despite trespassing of the railway track is an offense, yet many doing the same have met with deaths. As per the Railway Act of Section 147, it is a punishable act and it can lead to a fine up to 1000 Rs or imprisonment of 11 months as well.

As per the info received under the RTI Act carried out by Abhay Kolarkar from the city GRP department, it is clear that the city has topped in the list of a number of deaths on the railway track, So far 59 deaths have been reported in the last two years confirmed the department. And when compared to the other areas like Itwari, Gondia, Wardha, Badnera, and Akola, Nagpur’s figure seems to be high and alarming. In the last three years, the total number of deaths was 170 on the tracks, while 8086 cases were reported about the same.

Besides, valuables of 14.56 Crores have been looted so far in the last few years confirmed the GRP. The info also reveals that 1.10 cases of the offense have been reported on this, while around 1300 robbers were nabbed and jailed for the offense. However, a majority of cases of thefts and deaths have been reports of Nagpur that have gone to a total of 2770 when compared to other cities which are only close to 2000 only. Stay tuned to know more about it.

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