Fashion was Dr Tushar Vishnoi’s passion, making him a trendsetter

Tushar Vishnoi is a dentist by profession, but his passion and love for fashion never dry up. He is a talented artist in addition to being a social media influencer and model. After completing his BDS degree, he ensured that his love for fashion would not be put to rest.

Apart from working as a dentist and cosmetologist, he also devoted time to style and fashion, experimenting with colours and getting involved in modelling and styling. Many were attracted to his dresses and his unique hairstyle because they resembled perfection.

Dr Tushar Vishnoi
Dr Tushar Vishnoi

Throughout social media, he has posted a number of his photos, which tend to remain unique, but have captured the attention of many people. The dentist is now turning into an influencer on social media as he keeps on growing his followers and fans all over his accounts. In addition to fashion, he is also an adept jewellery lover. He collaborates with a variety of brands. In this way, he has developed his style and aura based on competitive and innovative designs. With all the tags and hats he wears, he easily creates his unique aura and style.

The young man is confident and has already proved he is ready to break stereotypes and bring his style to the scene. According to him, he intends to go a long way with his passion as he is all set to follow his rule book and become a trendsetter rather than follow the current trends.

With over 230k Instagram followers, he has collaborated with multiple brands. Tushar loves the challenges that come with being a social media influencer and a model. He must be creative to develop ideas that will appeal to his followers and people on social media. But he loves these challenges as much as he loves his job.

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