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Fire erupted in Jaripataka based School leaving no one hurt

Fire At Jaripatka School Nagpur
Img Scr: Nagpur Today

The Jaripatka based school – Mahatma Gandhi High School witnessed a fire with a short circuit on Saturday, but no one was injured or killed in the sudden fire in this tough time. As per reports, the fire department was informed at 11 am to take care of the sudden fire erupted in Mahatma Gandhi School. Soon the Fire trucks rushed with firefighters coming to the scene to get rid of the fire. They managed to control the fire and the flames rising high.

Although no one was caught in the fire, the school lost content worth lakhs resulting a huge loss to the city school officers. The fire gutted too much of stuff of the school, which according to the firemen was caused due to the sudden short circuit taking place in the premises. The Jaripatka Fire Department was quick to react on time and take things under control.

Amidst the lockdown 4.0, when we see the city burning with 46.5 degrees, incidents like these are bound to happen. The school premises, which seemed locked for obvious reasons, turned the target for a tough time. Well, it’s fortunate that no one turned the victim of the fire except the content that remained inside in the form of school building material and other stuff. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, in the meantime if you have anything to share, do let us know by commenting below.

Source: Nagpur Today

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