Here’s why Rashami Desai divorced her former husband Nandish Sandhu

Rashami Desai has emerged as one of the most notable contestant of Bigg Boss 13. She had many problems in her life however, viewers still aren’t aware of her ups and downs from her past life. Now, Rashami Desai is in a relationship with her best friend and another Bigg Boss contestant, Arhaan Khan. Arhaan and Rashami also had faced many issues in their relationship. Salman Khan even disclosed the secret of Arhaan which made Rashami quite tensed but, as of now, they have accepted themselves and are bearing together as good friends.

When media asked Rashami Desai about her former husband Nandish Sandhu she became quite uncomfortable to say anything about him.

Rashami said that she and her former husband Nandish Sandhu met in a TV show named “Utraan”. She said that viewers liked their chemistry so much that the TRP of the show raised on top due to the couple. Later, they tie their marriage knot making their relationship concrete in the year 2012. Rashami Desai totally blamed her former husband for their false relationship.

She said that, “If Nandish had given his 100 percent to this relationship then nothing would have gone wrong. I have never had any problems with his female friends. I have never doubted him. I was busy with my travel and work. I did not know he was dating someone or not. Even if he is, then he should enjoy it. I wish good for his future.”

They also did a show named “Nach Baliye 7”. They gave great performance therein and were quite loved by the audiences. However, the couple is now separated and happy in their own lives.

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