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High Court to Nagpur Citizens – Come forward with loads of complaints’ on bad roads

Nagpur Potholes
Nagpur Potholes

When Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court came across a lawyer complaining about bad roads in the city, the HC was quick to respond to it. The fact is, the court went on saying orally that the citizens should come forward with floods of complaints against the bad roads of Nagpur city. Before the court was adjourned, the bench comprises of judges like Zaka Haq and Pushpa Ganediwala said that they should have a special court to take up such complaints about the bad roads in the city.

This oral statement was given after the hearing of the suo motu petition which was based on the daily reports of the local newspaper where the number of roads in the city with potholes were reported and it turned bad to worse with heavy rains, which led to accidents and loss of lives. Raheel Mirza was the person who has been appointed by the court as the amicus curiae to plead the PIL. Earlier the government was seen with the pleader called Sumant Deopujari informed that the local body have tried to accept the complaints through social media platforms.

These include Twitter and WhatsApp. The judges then asked the pleader to make a detailed report and submit to the court about the bad roads in the city so that the court can take the local civic body to task. The court has given the pleader 15 days to compile a detailed report and submit to the court so that the necessary decision can be taken. Hopefully, with courts coming into action, the roads in Nagpur city is likely to come into the right shape, well let’s hope so.

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