Nagpur Metro

Is there any necessity for a metro project in Nagpur at present?

Is Nagpur Metro Really Essential
Is Nagpur Metro Really Essential

Ever since it was decided to bring Metro in Nagpur, there has been a debate about whether one should bring it in the city or not. Nagpur is a city that has seen every home to have one vehicle at least for the basic transport within and outside the city. People here do not even avail the services of buses, taxis or autos to commute, they mostly rely on their vehciles, including 2 to 4 wheelers. More than 90 percent people rely on their own vehicle to commute and other reasons, so at this juncture the big question is, does Nagpur require Metro at this stage, the answer is no to a great extent.

Do Nagpurites avail Metros?
This is a big question to answer. Now, as we see the orange line of Maha Metro in Nagpur city active, we barely see any crowd in the metro. All one can find the crowd of few people who want to take a ride just to grab a selfie or do similar leisure activities. Even the metro plying to the areas like Mihan and Khapri have not attracted the daily commuters to take as an option.

Is Nagpur metro providing job options to youth?
The answer is yes but to a very small extent, which has no big significance in society. The workers engaged in the metro work are mostly labors who work under the contractors. They are mostly from the south and other states with the least population from local cities and villages.

Traffic remains as usual
Many claimed that the advent of the metro will reduce the traffic on roads, but nothing of that sort has happened as we see most of the commuters and others relying on their two-wheelers only. Thus the traffic has minimal impact with the advent of the metro.

What’s the cost of travel?
The cost of travel using metro would remain at the higher side only and has not much difference in moving on your vehicle when compared to the metro fare. Thus this argument is also not valid for having metro in Nagpur.

Wrapping up

Yet having metro can have its benefits but it will take some time as things would settle down and take shape then only one can make out how good and effective this could be for the local citizens.

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