Lakshay Kapoor Soon To Launch His Song Composed During Lockdown

He Is All Set to Soon Embark upon with His New Song Composing in Lockdown

Lakshay Kapoor
Lakshay Kapoor

The lockdown seems to have proved beneficial for the exporter and singer Lakshay Kapoor He hails from Punjab and is a known exporter catering his services in almost all the parts of the world. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a good singer and has proved his niche in this field by a garnering good fanbase on sites like Instagram with his unusual singing style and cool songs. This made him come out with his first music video or song called Galiyon Mein, which turned an instant hit as he shared on YouTube.

Now, he is coming up with a set of songs, which he worked hard to compose a few songs related to lockdown and life around it. He has come out with a few songs working hard on them that relates to the same topic of COVID 19 and the life around it. Remaining locked amidst the complete lockdown in April and May, the singer got an idea of composing songs related to the current topics. He is expecting to get a good response to the same once he comes out.

He is busy right now in giving the finishing touches and he is very much confident that he is going to gain good feedback on it, thus making them viral once again like what he has seen for his debut music song on social media. So he is keeping his fingers crossed as he is soon coming out with the said songs soon. Well, let’s see how things would move but at the moment, things seem rosy for Lakshay as he has something tangible to launch soon which is a result of his hard work put down in the lockdown period.

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