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Less Chances to See Schools Reopening Says NMC Chief

Tukaram Mundhe

With the cases of COVID 19 virus increasing in the city, the NMC chief Tukaram Mundhe was seen saying that it is not possible to see the schools reopening in the near future for the obvious reasons. The NMC Chief was seen standing firm on this saying that education can start but the schools are less likely to open this year. As per the Hitavada Cityline, the MS State Education department has issued a circular this Monday about reopening of the school stating that schools can reopen on 26th June, but it is the NMC which will take a final call on this. 

However, with the NMC chief stringent on reopening of the school, it is likely to see the schools functioning only online education mode and thus have asked the schools to come out how they can carry out the schools by following the norms of social distancing in the city. There were circulars from the state government department which have clearly stated that the schools can only function if the social distancing can be seen practising on the right mode. 

The schools in the containment zone or in the sealed areas, the preventive measures in the schools would be of high order. When the media people called the NMC chief asking about the plans to reopen school in the city, he said that the school can work on education but it is less likely to see the schools opening again. He stated clearly that the schools can work on-line but by no means would function off line. He said that he is of no view to stop the schools but reopening is not on cards so soon cleared Mundhe. 

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