Margesh Rai (Margdarshan): A Bilingual Poet who has cemented his Place in Literature Field

Poetry is an amalgamation of one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences; simply reading poetry and understanding its depth is an art, and Margesh Rai is just another poetry lover and writer. He is a 26-year-old author born on 1 September 1995. He has published two best-selling books in different categories of genre. With his poetic gifts, he is attempting to bring an unprecedented change to the literary industry. His poetries are an eloquent portrayal of the various aspects of our world. Margesh Rai also believe in spirituality; he understands that life goes beyond materialistic forms; it is more about passion, caring, meditation, or other intangible things.

Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) was born in Varanasi, a city that has a diverse history and brings out different cultures and traditions of India. He says that due to this, he had the prestige to grow up reading poems and writings of distinct authors and literary ideals such as Munshi Premchand, Tulsidas, Dushyant Kumar, and many more. And these legends have molded and inspired him into what he is today.

Margesh Rai (Margdarshan)
Margesh Rai (Margdarshan)

Poetry is like a play of words that need great knowledge and passion to reach many souls. Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) has caved his path into the lives of many other poetry enthusiasts through his one-of-a-kind journey. He has surpassed his milestones initiating with his debut book Poetry: A garland of words, dedicated to his late father. It depicts the wholeness of the universe, cosmos, and nature. He says that nature gives you a better vision and brings clarity to your views and that it has been his companion and a ray of motivation throughout his writing journey.

His second book Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan is also one of the most recognized collections of poetry that once again deals with the immortal parts of nature: emotions like sadness, anger, love, excitement; he has tried to cover it all with his words. It has been written in Hindi; Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is a bilingual author, proficient in both languages Hindi and English.

Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan- 2 by Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) will be Launched Next Year

He has won all our hearts with his spectacular books, and there is still more to come. He said that he has been working on his new launch, which will be Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan-2, releasing soon. It will incorporate poetry on topics like nature, love, patriotism, spirituality, and humor. It will also be a gist of his creativity and ingenuity.

Recently, he was also awarded The Sahityakosh Samman 2021 for his unique literary piece. He states that he was more than overwhelmed to be holding that title. Mr. Vikas Singh Thakur (Evincepub Publishing) said that his book ” Poetry: A Garland of Words” became one of the most selling books in the poetry category at the time. Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is very thankful for receiving all the immense love and recognition from his readers.

With his journey, he has surely left an imprint on all of us, and we are only longing to get lost in many more of his upcoming books. 

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