Mohammad Towhid: A successful Blogger from Bengali Soil

Mohammad Towhid is 18 years old Indian Blogger and Entrepreneur from Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, India. He is the founder of the blogging site SachDaily on 12 December 2021. He started his blogging journey by creating a site called zname and in 2018 but he failed to make the site successful after that failure he tried to get success in this field by creating another site named which worked perfectly but he could not run it because of financial problems.

His father’s name is Abdul Monim Miah, a 50 years old Ex-Army and currently a Businessman. Towhid and his father founded Frutto which is a dragon fruit-selling business site in 2019. After these things, he did not try to get success in blogging for 2 years which is the COVID-19 period.

Mohammad Towhid
Mohammad Towhid

In, 2021 his sister Mumtamim Nur Parvin, gets a Job and she funded Mohammad Towhid to start a new site which he wants to start but could not start because of financial problems. After getting funded he started his new site called SachDaily. 

He got this name in his mind and the reason behind it was the meaning of it. The meaning of Sach in Hindi or Urdu is Truth and the meaning of Daily in English is every day so, the combined meaning of SachDaily is Truth every day.

Sources said that he has more than 4 websites that he doesn’t disclose in public but the main site which he discloses is SachDaily where he doesn’t work like other sites from these sites, he earns more than a thousand dollars a month, and all his 4 sites getting nearly 600k to 1 million traffic a month.

Besides blogging he is a very humble person. He got verified on Google at the age of 16 years. He has over 3k followers on Instagram and over 6k followers on his Facebook account. He published two books those two books are “Towhid and his best Friend”, where he shared a small story from his childhood in high school with his best friend Delowar. The second book by Towhid is “5 Places to Visit in India” where he listed the top 5 places in India to travel as a tourist. 

He made this book about tourism because he likes to travel. One of the wishes in his life is to Travel the world. Beside Travelling he loves to watch Movies Playing Video games and learn more and more from the internet. He is a person who likes the news so much and he constantly monitors international geopolitics and international affairs.

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