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MSEDCL Bear Loses Due to Solar Panels in City

The state power body called Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited often known as MSEDCL seems to be in loss in the city as they took over the charge from SNDL. All thanks to the metering system as carried out for the solar rooftop consumers who seemed to have and demanded the net billing seems to have suffered a lot in terms of revenue loss with these consumers.

In its recent report submitted the net billing system is only allowing the solar consumers to generate a sufficient amount of power for their personal use and then sell out the extra amount of electricity to the discom company at a wholesale cost as they end up buying the power at the retail rate. As per reports, the neighboring state of Gujarat has only allowed their consumers to use the solar rooftop capacity by 50 per cent of the allotted load on a monthly banking system.

Similarly, the state of Rajasthan also has allowed the solar rooftop only by 80 % of contract demand along with banking within one of the billing cycle with the help of cap of less than 50 units. On the other side, the UP state also helps in allowing the banking within the billing period along with the solar rooftop that seems to be available for the residential and agricultural consumers. The reports also suggested that earlier before the advent and use of solar panels at home has made the company to face the losses. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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