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Nagpur Airport Has no Preventive Measurements for Coronavirus Threat

As we see the country on high alert for the spread of the Coronavirus, we see the airports and other public spaces taking all preventive measurements all across the country. However, Nagpur airport seems to be lagging behind. We see the arrival of many overseas passengers in the city and the Nagpur Airport is yet to make any preventive arrangements to detect the presence of the virus.

The airports are making thermal screening arrangements for passengers in all the major airports of the country for the fear of coronavirus. However, Nagpur airport has not witnessed anything like this in the city. A number of foreign travelers are seen getting into the city via the Nagpur airport, while the flow of the tourists seems unaffected in a big way. Despite the threat, the flow of passengers is on a higher note.

As per reports, the foreign tourist keeps on coming in Nagpur to visit the nearby tourist places like Tadoba, Pench, and many more similar places that have the ways through Nagpur and its high time that the Nagpur Airport should arm itself for the same. Although one can see many of the bookings from the foreign tourists for the resorts have been canceled, yet the flow seems substantial. Considering the threat in Nagpur, the IGMC and the GMCH has opened up a special department to check the samples of suspected coronavirus patients. Stay tuned to know more about this news and others only with us and if you have anything to share, do comment and let us know.

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