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Nagpur Railway Station Shuts Down with Minimal Staff

Nagpur Railway Station
Nagpur Railway Station

With the lockdown extending to 21 days more, the Nagpur Railway Station seems to have shut down completely with minimal staff at the station. They are there for the maintenance work, which is required to keep the station up and running. As the goods train and the freight trains are still running, they are supposed to be functional and given the support and security for the smooth running of the same.

The staff present are doing the basic maintenance work in the area, most of the trains that terminated at the endpoints have created issues to take up the new movement of the goods train, which seemed to be the big challenge for the people managing the railways at the moment. Thus as per the ACM CR Railways, Mr. Rao, this problem is now being sorted out by the staff to smoothed the movement of the train.

Also, the trains reaching the yard are supposed to be checked for the servicing and maintenance things. The railway authorities have warned people to avoid the congregation of people at the station. The officials claim that they have the required staff working 24 x 7 to ensure the smooth running of the train. This will further not hamper the movement of the food material and ingredients that would be required at the moment in a big way. The officials claim that the trains would be suspended till 31st of March and thus things are to be controlled and managed the same way which would be needed to make things work.

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