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Old man murdered at Kalamna

Murders are not so uncommon anymore these days. Any random person comes up with the silliest reason and murders another person to seek revenge. Many incidents take place and many cases are files every day. In another incident under Kalamna Jurisdiction, an old man was murdered by some unidentified persons. The name of the deceased is Namdev Bawane. He lives in Vinoba Bhave Nagar, Nagpur.

The old man worked as a security guard at a company named RJ Steel Company. Stones were pelted at the 63 year old man till he was dead; by some unidentified persons. The incident took place under the Kalamna Police Jurisdiction. The exact reason for the murder has not yet been found. A case has been registered against the accused under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. The old man was found in a pool of blood by some nearby residents. As soon as they found him blood strained, they called up the Police for help.

Kalamna Police was alerted by the residents after spotting the old man lying down. The cops were quick in taking an action. They immediately rushed to the spot. The cops acted swiftly and the body was sent to the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Nagpur for the autopsy. The case has been registered and the cops are looking for the unidentified criminals who are on a run. The reason hasn’t been ascertained and Police is probing further into the matter. Any advancements in regard to the case will be confirmed; till then, further investigations are on.

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