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Nagpur Witnesses 11 Deaths Due to COVID 19

A bad day there for the city as more than 100 persons were seen testing positive for the virus ,while at least one death is being witnessed on an average for this Saturday. As per reports, the day witnessed the highest number of deaths in Nagpur that tolled to 11 yesterday. It has the highest deaths in the city to happen with the COVID 19 virus. Yes, you heard it right, this Saturday registered the death of not less than 11 deaths in the city. With this the cumulative number has gone up to 94 in Nagpur.

As per the Hitavada Cityline news, the city has even witnessed 13 deaths in the rural areas as well. These include the death of a 50-year-old woman based in Wathoda road, who seemed to have passed away at the GMC Hospital after testing positive for the virus. The others include another woman of 50 years from Minimata Nagar, while the other came in the form of a 80-year old man from Kelibag road, Mahal who lost their lives with a cardiac ailment but was later tested positive for the virus. 

Another case was of a 90 year woman from Somwari Quarters who passed away due to cardiac arrest. She was also tested positive for the virus. Also, two people from Nababpura seemed to have passed away. The details of other deaths are yet to be registered. Around 122 new cases now in the city have been reported yesterday, which has taken the cumulative figure to around 4,674 and 148 tested positive for the same. The 143 deaths are now coming out with the COVID in the city while the recovered persons in the city have gone up to 3,173.

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