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No Q/A Session in Winter Assembly in City this Year

As the new government gear up for the winter assembly this year in City, we hear that the assembly will not have the question and answer session. The winter session in the city will be held on 16 to 21. However, the MLA or legislators would still get the chance to raise the issue of the immediate importance claimed the sources close to the government.

Consider a scrap of the Q and A Session, the BJP seems to have castigated this move stating that this is just an attempt for the party in power to avoid uncomfortable questions posed to them. However, the Congress claims that the allocation of portfolio is likely to come soon and hence there is barely any work that has been done by the government so raising questions to a government which has not taken things in the right way would be a problem.

The CM is likely to allocate the portfolios soon and then the departments would take up the right shape and start working as per the new norms and new directions set by the ruling party. The BJP alleged that the party Shiv Sena and the CM has done nothing with their allies for ten days except holding the projects in the city and other places in the state. It also said that the government used to ask questions online to make this session meaningful. But scrapping the session, the government has done the mockery of the democracy.

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