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OMG: Maha Metro’s Landline Numbers got Hacked leading to INR 9.84 lakh Bill

Nagpur Maha Metro

Yes, you heard it right, the metro office landline numbers were hacked and it came up with a whopping bill of 9.84 lakhs. As per the Nagpur Live reports, unidentified hackers hacked the number of the said landline of the Maha Metro office and used it to make international calls for generating 9.84 lakhs a month. Technology as we call it a boon to mankind now seems to have become a crime even for the people who misuse it. This case is a classic example of the same.

The BSNL based landline numbers of the said office were used to make some ISDS calls generating that huge amount of bill in a month. As per reports, the Additional Chief Project Manager Mr. Ashish Kumar T Sandhi of Telecom Maha Metro lodged a complaint at the Sadar Police station informing the same. They claimed the number of landline based at ANand Nagar, Civil LInes have two BSNL numbers, which were hacked by some unidentified cyber crooks to make phone numbers with the high end technology and made calls between March 1 to March 31, 2020.

The complaint has been forwarded to the cyber cell which is now investigating the matter of 9.38 lakhs of bill at the said office. The officials are now conducting an inquiry in the staff but they came to know that the timing was different and thus both the numbers have been hacked. as per the officials they have already conducted an internal inquiry and thus found out that it is the work of cyber crooks. The police has lodged the case against the Section 420 of Indian Penal Code read with Sections 65 and 66 (d) of Information Technology Act.As 

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