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Tough Summer Days Continue in Nagpur as the City Sizzles with 46.3 Degree

It seems that the people of Nagpur are not getting any respite from the tough days at the moment. Thanks to the tough sunny days, which seemed to retain its high temperature in the city. Currently, the temperature has gone up to 46. 3 degrees celsius making it tougher for the people to adjust. With the nautapa already started in the city, it seems that the people of Nagpur are not going to get rid of this situation so soon. The heatwaves continue to burn the people. 

In Nagpur region, the other hottest place includes Chandrapur, which has come out with 46.0 degrees Celsius. The other area that remains the toughest and the hottest includes Bramhapuri and Wardha, which recorded the temperatures as 44.8 degrees Celsius and 45. 5 degrees Celsius respectively. On the other side, Akola too has been facing a tough time as the temperature soared to 44.2 degrees. 

On the other side, Amravati has recorded 43.6 degrees celsius. The other cities that have been tough with higher temperatures include Yavatmal, Washim and Gondia that recorded 45.3, 43 and 43.8 degree celsius. Where Buldhana seems to have recorded 40.0 degrees Celsius. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, and if you have anything to say, do comment and let us know more about it. 

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