Property Dispute: Man tries to kill Brother in Mankapur

A dispute over property in Mankapur took ugly shape when a brother tried to kill his own brother by pushing him from the first floor in Mankapur. The accussed was also seen thrashing his 70 year old mother over the same issue. He was seen standing over the first floor of their home in Mankapur on Monday evening when the issue turned violent allowing him to push the man on the first floor.

As per reports, the lady Vaishali Anand seemed to have some issues with her brother in law Sandeep. Both Sandeep and Anil are real brothers and it was sharp at 9.30 when this man called Sandeep came to the home of Vaishali and had a cold war with the two. He also thrashed his 70 year old mother on the property dispute Vaishali then called Anil her husband calling him at home for the quarrel. When Anil returned home, he also had a quarrel with his elder brother.

He then went up to call the police reaching the first floor and soon Sandeep also followed him. Soon Sandeep pushed him so hard that he came crashing down on the floor getting serious injuries. He was then rushed to the Kunal Hospital and is currently in the critical condition. On the complain of Vaishali, the Police has booked Sandeep on the charges of 307, however, they are yet to arrest him as yet. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.You can comment on it if you have anything to share.

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