This is the reason that Siddharth said “this is my favor on you” to Rashami

During the Bigg Boss season 13, there has always been an intense debate between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. Recently, during a words fight, Siddharth has quoted Rashami saying, ‘this is my favor on you” and fans haven’t been able to understand what he meant.

Corresponding to a report known, Siddharth and Rashami were working together on many TV shows. One of that was Dil Se Dil Tak, in which an incident happened that Siddharth even left that show, to which a report came out saying, Siddharth was kicked out of the show, which actually wasn’t true.

In fact, Siddharth had left the show for Rashami!

During this show, the level of latent hostility between these two actors became very high due to which he decided to leave this show. Both were ready to leave as they had a lecture from the show maker to leave the show, and in fact, the show makers were ready to kick out Rashami and not Siddharth, because he was playing a better role, gaining higher TRPs for the show.

Siddharth did leave the show for Rashami as the financial situation of Rashami wasn’t so good at that time.

Again, they are together in the Salman’s hosted show Bigg Boss, wherein, they have been seen fighting with each other, many a times. It has also been known that boyfriend of Rashami, Arhaan Khan has also joined the show as a wild card entry. Another fight ignited between Shukla and Khan during one of the episodes of Bigg Boss.

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