Top Five Most Popular Independent YouTubers in India in 2021

Friends, today we are going to talk about India's top five youtubers in 2021. All youtubers have a dream that their name should be taken in the top five youtubers of India.

Friends, today we are going to talk about India top five independent youtubers in 2021. All youtubers have a dream that their name should be taken in the top five youtubers of India.

But it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be in the list of top five youtubers of India. That youtuber has to do something that no one has done before only. Then his name is included in the top five independent youtubers of India.

1. CarryMinati

CarryMinati comes first in India’s top five youtubers

top five independent youtubers

YouTube Channel Name – CarryMinati

Channel owner name – Ajey Nagar

Subscribers – 32.3M

Friends, there will hardly be any person in India who has not heard the name of famous youtuber CarryMinati, Ajey Nagar, who runs a youtube channel named CarryMinati, is an Indian roaster, comedian, gamer, rapper and a famous YouTuber. Very few people know Ajey Nagar by his real name in India.

Most people know Ajey Nagar as CarryMinati or Carrie. Because Ajey Nagar has named his channel as CarryMinati. Ajey Nagar is very famous for making roast videos. Every roast video made by Ajey Nagar is very much liked by his fans. CarryMinati Whenever someone uploads a new video to youtube. That video definitely trends on youtube.

Ajey Nagar is a good gamer along with the roster. Ajey Nagar also does live streams on YouTube and always plays new games, many people visit his channel to see Ajey Nagar.

In early 2017, Ajey Nagar started another gaming YouTube channel named CarryIsLive. Where they live stream gaming.

2. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish Chanchlani Vines comes at number two in India’s top five youtubers

independent youtubers

YouTube Channel Name – Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Channel owner name – Ashish Chanchlani

Subscribers – 26.5M

Friends, in today’s time Ashish Chanchlani is considered to be a very big YouTuber. Ashish Chanchlani uploads mostly comedy videos on his channel Ashish Chanchlani Vines and those videos are liked a lot by the people.

And as soon as the video of Ashish Chanchlani is uploaded. It definitely comes in trending. Ashish Chanchlani uploads comedy videos as well as motivational videos sometimes.

Ashish Chanchlani started the YouTube channel in 2014. On which Ashish Chanchlani uploaded the first comedy video and the title of that video was “Tu Mere Baap Ko Janta Nahi” Ashish Chanchlani first video became viral on social media.

3. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana comes at number three in India’s top five youtubers

top five youtubers

YouTube Channel Name – Amit Bhadana

Channel owner name – Amit Bhadana

Subscribers – 23.5M

Amit Bhadana started his YouTube channel in 2012, Amit Bhadana posted his first comedy video on Facebook account. Which was liked very much by the people. When Amit Bhadana started his YouTube channel in 2012. He was not very active on YouTube. He had initially posted one of his videos on YouTube channel as an experiment.

As much love Amit Bhadana got from the Facebook video. The same love was found on his first video posted on YouTube, people liked that video too much.

And seeing Amit became a brand. He started getting good support from the people. When Amit Bhadana posts any video on YouTube. Then in no time millions of views come on that video. And every video of his also trends on YouTube.

4. Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji comes at number four in India’s top five youtubers

top five independent

YouTube Channel Name Technical Guruji

Channel owner name Gaurav Chaudhary

Subscribers 21.8M

Friends, Technical Guruji is one of the biggest names in the field of technology in India. Whose owner’s name is Gaurav Chaudhary and more than 21.8M million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Gaurav Chaudhary also revises new mobile phones coming in the market on his youtube channel. And along with this, information about new electronic gadgets and websites is also given. Gaurav Chaudhary started his youtube channel named Technical Guruji in October 2015. Gaurav used to have more interest in technical things from the beginning.

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari comes at number five in India’s top five youtubers

YouTube Channel Name – Sandeep Maheshwari

Channel owner name – Sandeep Maheshwari

Subscribers – 21.1M

Friends, whenever it comes to motivational speech, Sandeep Maheshwari’s name comes first on everyone’s tongue. Because Sandeep Maheshwari is such a motivational speaker who can change the life of any person. Sandeep has also named his YouTube channel with his own name, which currently has more than 21.1M subscribers. Sandeep Maheshwari is an inspiration for every youth of India

After watching the video of Sandeep Maheshwari, a new passion and enthusiasm comes in everyone. His life changing seminars are liked all over the country. He has given life changing seminars to the people absolutely free of cost by visiting different places all over India.

In today’s date, Sandeep Maheshwari has become a brand in itself. And even in today’s time, sandeep does absolutely free life changing seminars. He had created his YouTube channel only to motivate all the people through social media.

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