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Youth commits suicide following a fight

Day in and day out, many incidents of fights over petty issues cross our eyes and make the headlines for the news. Some people commit suicide due to their own hardships while some others do that forcefully to get themselves saved from the torture of others. In another incident, a youth committed suicide after having a fight with his tenant.

Shubham Ramaji Ramteke, aged 24 years is a resident of Plot no. 102, Prajapati Nagar, Vathoda. He committed suicide on 1st Feb, 2020 and the case was registered by Vathoda Police. He had ended his life with the help of a bedsheet and hanged himself to the ceiling fan on the morning of 1st Feb, 2020. The police registered it as a case of accidental death at that time. On further investigation, they found out that is wasn’t the way it looked like.

They soon came to know that Shubham had a quarrel with his tenant on 31st Jan, 2020 over throwing of water.
Mona Mishra is the tenant of Shubham. Following the fight, Mona thrashed Shubham very badly with the help of two unidentified men. Ultimately, Shubham was depressed because of what had been done to him and he decided to end his life. He took a bedsheet and hung himself to the ceiling fan of his room around 7 o’clock in the morning of Feb 1, 2020. A complaint has been lodged by Ramaji Tansaram Ramteke (55) and the three of the accused have been arrested under Sections 34 and 306 of IPC.

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