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Two young women commit suicide in separate incidents

A teenager and a young married woman committed suicide under Hudkeshwar and Sonegaon Police Jurisdictions respectively; in two separate incidents. The incidents took place on Monday, 10th Feb 2020. The reason for both of them taking the extreme step is still unknown. The police has launched a probe into the two cases to know the reason behind the two women taking this step.

Snehal Bandu Sonule, aged 19 years resides at Plot No. 180, Vaishnavi Nagar, Hudkeshwar. She took the extreme step by hanging herself to the ceiling fan of her home with the help of a dupatta on Monday evening around 5:30 pm. No suicide note has been discovered from the site of the incidence. The reason could not be found by the Police. Narendra Giri is the Assistant PSI of Hudkeshwar Police. He launched a probe into the case with the help of information obtained from the younger sister of the deceased.

In another separate incident, Roshani Kishore Kumre committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan with the help of an odhani. She is a resident of Plot No. 45C, Jaiprakash Nagar and tenant of Ramesh Kotkar. She took the extreme step at around 10 o’clock on Monday night. The reason is not yet ascertained. Ishwar, the constable of Sonegaon Police has registered a case of accidental death with the help of the information obtained from Kishore Kumre, husband of the deceased. Further investigations in regard to both the cases are in and police is collecting information about the same.

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