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24 Accident Prone Spots Still Exist in Nagpur City

As per the recent data released by the Nagpur Police, the city has 24 accident-prone spots, while in the Nagpur district the figure seems to be on the higher side reaching 42 spots. However, the recent reports seem to be alarming stating that the rash and irresponsible driving by the Nagpur citizens have increased the accident points from 24 to 47 in the city with around 19 spots considered to be under black spots.

As per the data of the year 2019, the city has witnessed an accident of around 1007 in the city, which have injured around 1042 people in Nagpur. Out of this figure around 240 people have lost their lives last year. Similarly in the Nagpur district, the figures seemed on the higher side with people getting injured around 940 while it killed more than 384 people in the accident. However, the study was not able to give the figure of people getting killed in the black spot.

The same study further revealed that the total number of accidents that have occurred in the city was seen at the higher side in the area of Saoner and Umred Police Station area the most. Both these areas have the number of black spots that have caused a higher number of accidents in the area. The study also indicated the number of causes behind giving accidents. These include human negligence to a great extent that is the key reason for the same, while the slow progress in road construction and other civil work in the public areas has also caused the same.

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