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Teenager commits suicide in City for smart phone

Smartphones have become the part and parcel of the modern-day life. All thanks to the number of features it encompasses, more people of all the age groups have found them useful. The teenagers have found it very much useful to play games and enjoy communicating with friends. However, to keep the teenagers away from the phone has become a challenge in the coming time. Thus it has created issues among youngsters.

In the recent terrible incident taking place in the city, a teenager had committed suicide for not getting the phone by his parents. After giving several warnings by the parents, the teenager kept on playing the video games in his house based at Hudkeshwar area of Gajanan. The teenager took the drastic step of killing himself. He was identified as Vansh Raju Imala, who is based at the Plot No100, Gajanan Nagar, Hudkeshwar.

As per the police source, the incident occurred at 11 am when the boy was alone at the home. As per reports, when his parents returned, they saw him tied with the nylon wire and tied up to the ceiling fan for ending his life. They rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. As per reports, the boy used to play games a lot of smartphones that made his parents take away the phone. The boy was depressed seeing this and that took him to take this drastic step. The police is investigating the death when it was reported to the Hudkeshwar police station.

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