Ayush Manraj, A young business expert who is an inspiration

Priorities are something that varies from person to person. For some, it is mere money-making and personal comfort but for some, it is about bringing change in society. Ayush Manraj is not even 20 but his success in the former category has shifted him into the latter one. Ayush Manraj is a business expert, educator and influencer who is helping students to learn and become either businessman or business consultant and he is doing everything completely out of his passion and not by the hidden motive of earning money. His students have undergone a sort of transformation after his priceless guidance as a business consultancy and entrepreneurship has opened a whole window of opportunity for them to not only enhance their skills but also pursue it as a career. Ayush Manraj is highly elated to see their growth as a business consultant and even starting their own business. Ayush had always this feeling of helping out others but to prove his worth as a business expert, he had to dive into the same. He received enormous success as a business expert and he is now making other young people do the same. Ayush thinks that the window of opportunity should not be closed by few options only as there is a big vast world ready to not only pay but giving enormous respect to the talented ones.

Ayush Manraj has helped children see the other professions apart from the conventional ones to better utilise their skills. Ayush thinks that his biggest achievement is the success of his students. Ayush wants to make his hometown a hub of business experts. And his vision is to create powerful business experts who would influence the global dynamics of business. Ayush was never sceptical about his success in this charity work as he thought that there are thousands of students interested in business who would love opportunities but they do not step into it because of lack of guidance. Well, Ayush has sorted out that problem too. At least the students of Muzaffarpur, Ayush’s hometown are under perfect guidance to kick-start their career into business and business management. Ayush has helped hundreds and aims to do so with thousands. With a focussed goal and saint-like character, Ayush is making a great career, not only for himself but for others too.

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