Vladan Krstic: An versatile music artist and professional making waves in the music realm

Flourishing as a true-blue professional, ace DJ and Music Producer, Vladan Krstic goes beyond his innate skills and expertise

We have come across numerous businesses, industries, entrepreneurs and many such organizations who undoubtedly work extremely hard to satisfy their customers or clients. Among the many different sectors and domains, the music industry is one of those diverse sectors that connects to millions of souls. The music industry is blessed with many gems. Youth has bought a drastic change in the music world, with their talent and pro knowledge of music and audience choice. Meet one such young astonishing star of the music realm – Vladan Krstic, popularly known for his unique music style called – Techno House.

Vladan Krstic
Vladan Krstic

Vladan was always inclined towards music from childhood and was highly passionate to convert it into a career and profession. The young music artist was born in Yugoslavia, Europe, in 1998. He always loved 90s Techno music and was highly influenced by the electronic underground scene. Today, with his talent and music skills, Vladan is an established DJ and Music Producer in Dubai. He is the most familiar name for millions of Dubai people for his creative and unique tracks, which entertained them to the core. Here are few glances at his hit songs – Breakers, Dor E Dor, Street Dance, Nine-Nine, Mini and Mai Mai. The audience has showered much love on this young budding talent who has stitched a permanent place in their hearts and lives.

Though his journey was not a walk in the park, his dedication, hard work, pro knowledge, and many such qualities have made him the most popular personality in the music world. Spiralling his way to the top with his back-to-back hit tracks has catapulted him to attain a loyal fan base of followers. In 2019, his track Mini earned 4th place on Beatport Tech-House releases 2020″ and his other songs Street Dance EP earned “32nd place on Beatport Tech-House releases 2021″ and Dor E Dor” 30th place on Beatport Best Tech-House & top 50 Spotify Best Tech House.

You can follow him on Instagram @vladankrstic_.

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