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City Police Go Strict in Drunk and Drive Cases in Nagpur

Prevention is better than cure, an old axion but we see City Cops of Nagpur adhering to it now. In order to prevent the drink and drive case, they have launched a drive to catch people who have been driving after drinking. As per reports, the checking in the city is being carried out in ten circle areas in Nagpur. Each of the circle areas, we see the traffic police teams putting up barricades and choosing the time period of 8.30 am to 12.30 pm to check the drivers for the same.

With this, many drivers are seen taking up alternate routes for their commute or travel to reach out to their destinations avoiding the checkpoints at the said time duration. Like we see a traffic check point at the Zero Mile Square where all the vehicles moving towards the RBI Square are checked coming from Buldi and Wardha Road. Interestingly, some of the drivers who were seen taking up the reverse gears to avoid the checkings were further caught by cops hiding close to the metro pillars.

Similarly, there is a checkpoint at Tekdi Ganpati road and even at Radisson Blu Square at Wardha Road. Some of the drivers who were seen taking up the Chuna Bhatti route from the areas like Ajni Square too were caught. This has led many drivers to take the route from Shatabdi Square and the ones moving to Manish Nagar and Besa for taking up the inner roads. ACP Traffic Mr. Jayesh Bhandarkar was seen launching this special campaign to keep a check on the drink and drive cases.

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