City School -The Achievers School Holds Collage making Competition

Come Festive season and we have different schools organising one competition to the other. The city schools witnessed different colourful events and competitions to mark the festive time and have good time in Nagpur. One such school was the The Achievers School which organised a collage competition for kids of primary and middle class. This was meant to nourish the experience of students for pictorial composition with the help of handling the new materials.
The said school has been always seen organising such activities and helping the students to encourage them display. They keep on organising a wide range of co-curricular activities. They were able to give the students a vision to shape up their skills that can help them grow and benefit at the long run. The collage competition for was organised for the students of Class 3, 4 & 5 under CCA.
A number of students participated in the competition that helped them to showcase their talent on the paper. They got the opportunity to showcase their talents and their divergent thinking along with the creativity. The students were given the chance to decide what and how to use the material the best to express themselves. The kids participating in the activity enjoyed making collage, which is a method of art using different art stuff to embark upon the best of the visual art. Ms. Sameena, the Art teacher was the incharge of the show, while Ms. Siddhi motivated the students who participated the competition.Stay tuned to know more on such news only with us.

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