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Gadkari to Wadettiwar: Stop baseless and irresponsible comments

He wants to "teach a lesson" to Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis. The latter launched a counter-attack on Thursday.

Nagpur: Maharashtra’s Relief and Rehabilitation Minister whose name is Vijay Wadettiwar. He has claimed that the Union Minister whose name is Nitin Gadkari. He wants to “teach a lesson” to Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis. The latter launched a counter-attack on Thursday, asking Vijay to stop making “irresponsible and baseless remarks” and indulging in “mischievous politics”.

The most shocking disclosure of Vijay is the Congress candidate named Jitesh Antapurkar for the Deglur assembly constituency by-election in the Nanded district. Came here to campaign for them. Came here to campaign for them. The Brahmapuri MLA has also claimed that he had held a meeting with a city MP sometimes back to finance various road projects.

“All the citizens of Nagpur district are very well aware that both their two big leaders are face to face. Nitin has told me that he wanted to teach him a good lesson. And they had succeeded too,” Vijay alleged, without revealing who he was.

Two Big Leaders Face to Face

After these minister’s statements were circulated in the media, Nitin issued another statement in the evening time making it clear that he had never done this to Vijay against Devendra, either openly or covertly. Haven’t said anything. The BJP veteran has said that I was very surprised to see his (Vijay) this completely false and baseless claim. Devendra has always been like a younger brother to me and one of the most important leaders of our party. And it is only the tradition of Congress to spread legs by fighting so much amongst themselves. Vijay is trying his best to create confusion among us.

Appreciating this work of Devendra, Gadkari has said that due to his tenure as a Chief Minister, the entire state has progressed very fast on every front. And even in the present times, he is doing an amazing job in opposition.

He has also said that he is playing the role of a leader of a big responsible opposition by exposing so much dirty work done by the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government. However, Congress is only one of the constituents of the Maha Vikas Aghadi. Its leaders are also deeply disappointed. Because they get ignored so much. and are pushed aside by others (NCP and Shiv Sena). That’s why leaders like Vijay are giving false and wrong statements to create misunderstandings like these.

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