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Government Spent 18k cr On Irrigation Projects In 5 Years

One of the regions which are most affected by the farmer suicide is ‘Vidarbha’ Region. This is not the only problem for the region. They are also suffering from other issues like irrigation problems. They drastically lack so many important irrigation facilities which result in other major problems for the region including the suicides of the farmers.

Irrigation Projects
Irrigation Projects

To overcome these problems, the government has provided a fund of about 20,000 Crore Rupees. This fund was sanctioned to improve the condition of irrigation facilities in the region. A number of projects have been executed by the department to improve the situation.  Out of the amount sanctioned to develop the irrigation system, 18K Crore Rupees has already been spent in the last five years.

The amount has been spent on different sectors which helps in the improvement of the irrigation facilities. These sectors include land acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and some other sectors as well. Details of all the fund granted and utilized have been provided by the Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) themselves. The data has been provided by the department to the Bombay High Court’s Nagpur bench.

They have also provided details of the amount that has been invested in each sector. In the file provided by the VIDC, the amount invested in each sector and the total amount has been discussed. The present condition and the future target of each project have also been discussed.

According to the data provided, Rupees 6,659 Crore were spent on construction, 7925 on land acquisition, 648 crores has been spent on rehabilitation and 1283 crore rupees on other works. These are the major sectors of investments.

As a result of the fund granted, irrigation facilities have been provided to about 1,62,227 hector farmland. With this, 15464 hector land has been acquired and the water storage capacity of the reservoirs has been increased by about  1200TMC.

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