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Leopard missing, Two newborn leopard cubs shifted to Gorewada

The age of both newborn leopard cubs is to be around 15 days and it is also suspected that both the cubs may have been hunted by their mother.

Nagpur: Two cubs abandoned at a paper mill at Ashti in Allapally forest division of Gadchiroli, On Sunday night they shifted to Gorewada rescue center.

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The age of both newborn leopard cubs is said to be around 15 days. And it is also suspected that both the cubs may have been hunted by their mother. Because the leopard never goes away from its cubs.

The local people first saw both the cubs. And handled both the cubs and clicked pictures and videos.

Gadchiroli Conservator of Forests (CF) whose name is Kishore Mankar. He has said that both the cubs met on the date of 14 October. And for about 3 days, we have made all kinds of efforts to reunite both the cubs with their mother. But all these efforts were to no avail.

Kishore has completely ruled out the possibility of leopard hunting. “All people heard any animal growling. And we suspect it to be too much.” However, none of the photographs were recorded in the camera traps installed in the area. They said, After all the unsuccessful attempts. We have now decided to hand over both the cubs to the rescue centre.

Four People Injured

Kishore Mankar has said that on the date of 1 October, a leopard male from the paper mill area was trapped inside the cage and then it was sent to Gorewada. It is now said that this conflict of leopards has a history. Apart from picking up several goats, this animal had badly injured 4 people in the past month. And an 8-year-old little boy was also killed.

Sources have said that, in view of the fierce conflict near the paper mill area, the idea was to trap the leopard mother and once again send the entire family to Gorewada. Till now, efforts are on to trap the leopard.

The local NGO has said that if there is no conflict of any kind after the capture of the male leopard. Then why is this female being implicated? This means that the forest department is not at all sure which leopard is the problem animal.

Meanwhile, Gorewada Divisional Manager whose name is Pramod Panchbhai He has said that, “Both the cubs are stressed and not in very good condition right now. However, both the cubs are still responding to goat’s milk.”

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