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Maharashtra: RSS leader and sitting BJP councilor from Nagpur Ravindra Bhoyar joins Congress

Addressing members of the Congress party at the first special meeting held at the Nagpur Party Office, Dr Ravindra completely put an end to speculation that he was his own "Trojan Horse".

Nagpur: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) councilor sitting in district Nagpur and a fanatical leader of RSS, whose name is Dr. Ravindra Bhoyar. He has formally joined the Congress party on Monday and is currently running for MLC candidate (local body) of this party.

rss leader joins congress

It is from this qualification that Dr. Ravindra, a homeopath, has said that people keep asking him about his RSS links. Well, this Sangh was formed many decades before Bharatiya Janata Party. And has said that the RSS taught him that one should never tolerate injustice at all and that is why he has joined the Congress party.

Addressing the members of the Congress Party at the 1st special meeting held at the District Nagpur Party Office, Dr. Ravindra completely put an end to the speculation that he was his own “Trojan Horse”. He has also said that “I promise to all of you that I will not leave the Congress party till my death.”

Big blow to BJP

The District Guardian Minister, whose name is Nitin Raut, has said that he is happy that he has completely accepted the philosophy of the Congress party. It has been proved that Bharatiya Janata Party does not respect its workers at all and there is a lot of hope of some more people coming in their side. This is a big setback for Bharatiya Janata Party.

Cabinet minister and senior Congress leader named Sunil Kedar. He has said that it is a big setback for the Bharatiya Janata Party that their current people’s representatives are completely crossing the border. He is confident that Dr. Ravindra will also be a huge asset to the party.

It was Kedar who played the most important role in bringing Dr. Bhoyar to the Congress party.

Congress Party Rural President and one of the first contenders for MLC ticket, Rajendra Mulak has said that “We are all people behind Dr. Bhoyar and welcome Dr. Ravindra to the Congress party.” With this country being the last person to arrive at the event, many have interpreted this as outrage as his chances of getting an MLC ticket are now slim.

However, Nitin was completely firm on who would get the MLC ticket. But it was quite clear that the Congress party was preparing for the upcoming civic elections.

Dr. Ravindra has said that by saying “Ab ki baar, 100 ke paar” give this clarion call. He has said that we will also cross the 100 mark in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation in the year 2022. There are others who are expected to join the Congress party from the saffron party.

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