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Over 5 lakh for 2nd dose in district, Nitin wants all to be covered in 10 days

In the review meeting, Nitin has given instructions to expedite the preparations and vaccination to deal with Omicron's version of Corona.

Nagpur: Nitin Raut, Guardian Minister, on Monday directed the Zilla Parishad (ZP) and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials to complete the vaccination for the second Covid dose within the next 10 days. And reportedly the officials are also confused as there is a difference of around 13,67,532 between the first and second dose of covid. And out of them, more than 5 lakh beneficiaries are going to be due to the 2nd dose in the district.

In the review meeting, Nitin has given instructions to expedite the preparations and vaccination to deal with Omicron’s version of Corona.

According to the data of the Department of Public Health of the state, the estimated population of the district is about 52,72,665. Out of which 37,44,103 are also eligible for vaccination. As of Monday, about 35,48,396 (94.77%) out of the total eligible persons have taken the first dose of covid. This means that 1,95,707 (5.23%) of eligible individuals have not yet been vaccinated at all.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has also claimed that all eligible persons in the city have been covered with the first dose of covid. Collector Office and District Panchayat directed by Nitin to identify and ensure the first dose of the remaining people in the rural areas of these districts, Appreciating the achievement of the civic body.

According to the data available on the website of the central government, 21,80,864 people of the district have taken the second dose of covid, Which is 61.46% of those who took the first dose of covid. Around 13,67,532 persons are left with the second dose of covid.

Tested in same ward

The average vaccination per day in this district is around 10,000-12,000. It is very difficult for Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Zilla Parishad to meet even the deadline given by Nitin in view of the current covid vaccination.

In view of the increase in cases due to the Omicron variant overseas, Nitin has directed the IGGMCH and GMCH to open isolation wards with oxygen supply and other necessary mechanisms for all the patients who test positive for the omicron virus. This means that all patients for Delta and other variants will be tested in the same ward.

Nitin has also said that around 750 people have reached the city from abroad. And they should also be traced and those people should also be tested. People coming from abroad should also be tested.

The Guardian Minister has also given instructions to prepare a task force of pediatricians. Because it is also feared that if the third wave of covid is hit, the population below 18 years of age will be infected to a great extent.

He has also ordered the special staff in tehsil offices in rural areas of all districts and wards of this city to take necessary action and obtain compensation of about Rs 50,000 to the dependents of the victims of coronavirus. Also said that more than 8,000 applications have been received, about 4,500 from the city and the rest from the rural parts of the district.

He has also held a meeting with the working committee of the District Planning Committee (DPC) to review the sanctioned funds and works for this current financial year as well.

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