Rangraas, a masterpiece on its way, directed by Saazish Sidhu

Rangraas - Saazish Sidhu
Rangraas – Saazish Sidhu

Rangraas as the name of the movie itself seems so iconic any catchy, the director ensures a new era is ready to begin as the giant step is taken by the young director Saazish Sidhu. Sidhu may be less known but he is not new for the film fraternity after a lot of hard work and efforts he has come up with a movie ‘RANGRAAS’ under his banner ‘Real Unicorn film Production’ house. The movie has been budgeted over 5 crores, but the director promises it is to be no less than any other big budgeted multi starer Bollywood film.

Saazish Sidhu is also famous among his unit as the most loveable hunk and kind-hearted person who has given the opportunity to newcomers as the lead in the movie “RANGRAAS” it is a much-awaited film by the whole unit behind the project.

Saazish Sidhu believes scenes in a movie are not necessary and it also somehow offends Indian culture. He is coming with a revolutionary change by excluding these things in his upcoming Film. The majority of directors are presenting films based on poverty, rapes, terrorism, or crimes because these are easy money subjects but Sidhu is presenting a film based on overwhelming emotions that will inspire and increase respect for our nation. An inspirational story that will blow your mind.

He is a very generous human being who thinks, why to shoot in other countries ? when our own country is so beautiful and amazing. It will also increase employment and will bring happiness to our fellow film line workers.

Sidhu believes that Digital Platforms helped our industry to grow in a very positive way. Many creators got the platform to work and establish themselves. But every director deserves a big screen to project his or her art. It’s like a planet that deserves Sunlight.

Director Saazish Sidhu says Silver Screen is Mount Everest and Digital Platform is Mount K2 for us filmmakers, both have respect and love in our hearts. So treat them as 2 expeditions but summiting Mount Everest is every Mountaineers First Dream and our is Silver Screen.

Mr. Sidhu promises to be a big hit as the message in the movie is for each countryman and will ignite a fire in one and all leaving unforgettable remarks and create a history in Bollywood with this royal entry.

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